If you talk about rapid developing sector, it is the non-profit organizations, it creates worldwide advancement as they put out their helping hand. In the recent years due to advent and implementation of technology, this sector has seen a lot of advancement and alterations. NGO is now a global sector; it involves a lot of things and people things to be well-structured. These days non-profit are a very important sector all over the world and you cannot ignore it. Celebrities and common man from all over the world are willing to get attached to any of these non-profit houses for all good. NGO’s are responsible in shaping the society, the disabled, the challenged and being about advancement. Previously these houses did not have websites but now due to havoc technological advancements, most non- profit hubs prefer to have a portal for better management. Yes, a website is equally beneficial for the NGO owners, the ones interested in availing various services and the people who are donating.

Why this NGO service portal is important?

The client was discussing the importance of having a NGO service portal and the challenges they are facing as they do not have one. A website makes a good impression, it’s the primary mode of contact and it increases the credibility. The portal also must deliver seamless user experience for the ones who are on wheelchairs and cannot take public transport. Our client mainly wanted to have this website up for the disabled so that they could avail driver service in a structured way.

The primary demands and concerns of the client

The client and our team mutually agreed that appearance of the website plays a major role, we needed to give it a professional look. Appearance includes colors, images, layout, fonts and the theme. We discussed about all these with the client, showed them and finally moved on with the project after client agreed. The client also focused on quality content without missing out on essential information like values, a welcome message, contact details, resources and a user-friendly log in portal. This website would be mainly for the physically challenged users could access it so the navigation should be easy and clear. Finally, the client also wanted that the website should be obviously mobile friendly.

What project requirements did the client have?

Our client runs a NGO and is into different non-profit activities and this organization conducts more than 2000 non-profit activities throughout the year. Recently they are offering driving service to people who are physically challenged; they take wheel chairs and cannot avail public transport. So, the website would have these features:

  • The website would show donations but not only monetary donations but also vehicle sponsorship and advertisement on vehicles.
  • Registration page – People would be able to register as a driver, for food supply to drivers, vehicle maintenance, workers, people who are willing to donate and sponsors.
  • Having a A+ and A- button is a must to alter the font size accordingly.

The estimation of project and finalization

We had meetings with the management and we did explain them the things they were unaware of and told them the technology we would be using and how we would go about the project. The client discussed the estimate with us and they were happy with the estimate we offered. It took a week to finalize and then they offered us an upfront and we immediately assigned a separate team for this project. Since it’s an NGO initiative, we also wanted to contribute our best efforts.

How we handled the project?

We worked on two designs and proposed the client, once the client approved we started off immediately. As per client requirements we aimed to develop the website in such a way all desired people sould get detailed information and register via an easy yet very secure form. We decided to use Core PHP technology for this and this website had 35 pages, quite a big one. We aimed to create a complete portal without missing out on any single information.Take a look at our team:

  • One Senior Project Manager
  • Three web developers
  • Two web designers
  • One testersOur team worked all day, put in lot of efforts, went though trial and errors, we followed up with the client, made changes accordingly and finally created this masterpiece.
  • Project delivery and launch

    We worked very diligently as the client wanted us to hand over the project within a couple of months. We assigned the project that way and to the most efficient guys in our team. Finally, we delivered the project within 2 months and the client launched it immediately. Very happy with our work he said he would come back to us and we are also maintaining the website.