The real estate industry has reached great heights across the globe and this is why the companies require flawless property management to handle clients better. There are a plethora of services that are included in property management and this can never happen manually, you always need a structured website. It’s about managing and maintaining any sort of property or any empty plot, it even includes getting in touch with tenants, collecting rents and other related matters.

The importance of a property management website

To make it simple, for instance, a real estate company has amazing properties in a desirable location but it’s of no use if people cannot access the information. There are many channels that you must utilize to market your properties and a property management website are the best one. A website is an ideal place to showcase all the properties and attract renters or buyers and this way the message would pass on. The website must portray detailed information to all clients interested in buying or renting any o your properties.

We had a meeting with this real estate company where they explained to us the challenges they faced in getting tenants for their rental properties and also discussed other property related matters where they stumbled upon. Therefore they requested us to develop a property management website there would help them to overcome the challenges. They don’t wish to lose out on business in the time when real estate is such a lucrative sector for companies and highly in demand for the clients. This portal would make things smoother for the company and the potential clients, therefore both would benefit.

The details of all the client requirements

Understanding the client requirements are primary and only then we would be able to proceed smoothly. A website cannot go one step further without considering the client requirements. So, here are the lists of requirements:

• Request access the admin for adding content
• The content should be generated in PDF format for every property
• Filtration: by district, by address and by prize
• The user would have the ability to review the property only after logging in
• Add appointment booking and promotional deals.

Estimation of the project and sealing the deal

Before we seal a deal, it is very important to decide on the cost and estimate. We had face to face discussions in the form of meetings to talk about the budget and requirements. Clients are our priority, therefore, we helped the real estate company to choose the best package considering all of it. According to the package and based on his likings, we asked the client to choose the background design, colors, tabs etc because we focus on customization. Once these were done and we were paid an upfront, the deal was finalized.

How our team developed the website

Website design and development is a team effort and our highly experienced team gave their best in doing so. We definitely had challenges while completing the process but in the end, the finished product was absolutely functional, user-friendly and appealing. Again, we had to develop the project from the scratch so that the website could be really helpful to the real estate owner. Our team comprised of:
• One expert senior project manager
• Two creative designers
• Three intelligent developers
• Two testers who basically did flawless scrutiny
These people formed the team and they put in their best efforts to create a property management website.

Salient features of the website

We developed 38 pages website on WordPress, the back end is extremely user-friendly and WordPress sites are easy to load and are also SEO friendly. Now, a look at the features:
• The property details would be visible to the users only after they log in
• Users can book appointments
• They can also download e-catalogs for every property using PDF format
• Can view and access promotional deals
• Filtration is a very important aspect, it happens by price, address, tenure etc.

The time span and website launch

It took three months of hard work to deliver the project accurately and on time. When we estimated, we took a time of three months and the client was happy that we lived up to his expectation and our commitment. So, the website was ready to launch on time.

Final words

The website we worked on ensures it is not too flashy, you are easy to contact, you are not speaking too much yet much focused and you have a Call-to-action. We make sure that our website would be very useful for property management in ensuring stress-free, east and profitable business and investment. You would be able to get stress-free maintenance and rentals, your flow of cash and ROI would be optimized as well.