Online shopping has entirely changed the beauty and personal care industry and the change is so noticeable because this industry was very much based on physical shop just a few years ago. Now there the beauty industry has shown a dramatic change in purchasing habits. Personal care is something both men and women wish to practice.

Why clients prefer to shop for personal care products online?

When it comes to shopping beauty or skin/hair care products online people are entirely following the influencers on social media. Buyers depend on online chat, e-catalogs, reviews, tutorials and many other references available over the internet. You can sit in the office or browse through the beauty and hair care shopping websites at ease and purchase at an hour and you can exchange as well. Definitely, there are challenges to grab more and more customers. The beauty industry is implementing techniques that are proving super successful.

Personalization and beauty go hand in hand, therefore the brands are leaving no stones unturned to make you happy and feel beautiful. How do you feel when Lo’real wishes you on your birthday? You are very much elated and you might even go and buy something that you love, say an anti-hair fall shampoo. The companies offering online shopping experience gives out personal emails containing best offers, discounts and they suggest products looking onto the browsing history of the customers. Basically, they try to give you the best and make you feel important. You have the store in front of you to choose liberally or even cancel your order.

How did this actually happen?

People always preferred to buy Personal care and beauty products from a physical store only because they would get the opportunity to smell, touch and try out the products or sometimes even get free samples. But again visiting the stores is a matter of time and the physical store would never allow too many offers and discounts because they have their own establishment costs. But the major players participated in the technological advancement and most of them have their own website or app. Beauty bloggers and vloggers also made a lot of contribution to promote brands and beauty websites. These days there are so many beauty advisors and dermatologists offering online tutorials and tips all the time. These days why do you even need to find out time to go to a shop? Everything happens over the internet.

The client requirements in details

This client from the hair care industry understood all the benefits of online shopping and he wanted to create an amazing shopping portal to sell their products online. Now, let us take a look at the features he wanted to have on the website:
• Management of sales cycle and also supervising the orders that are already placed.
• Integration of a secure payment gateway. This is a vital part of any online shopping website.
• Proper shipping and clients should be notified via email
• The shopping page must have a functional drop down menu for user-friendliness.
• Variable

Project estimate and finalizing it

Clients do have a specific budget but they are mainly unaware of the cost factor, the same happened with this client. We tried to create a portal within his budget and catering to his requirement. We had meetings; we needed to explain clearly each step and the functionality. Clients are always looking for profits and they spend money expecting they would get an impressive return. We assured him of that and asked him to submit what all he wishes the website to have, any personalization etc. He paid us a token in advance and we locked the deal.

How our web development and design team went about it?

We have a team of talented developers who basically are masters in developing and designing online stores using different technologies. We developed this 19 pages amazingly user-friendly and Google friendly website using Woo-Commerce technology. Our team comprised of:
• One very talented project manager who took charge and delivered the project flawlessly within the deadline
• Two very hard-working designers who worked diligently on this
• Two Woo-Commerce expert developers
• Two diligent testers who found out all the faults and got those corrected on time

Salient features of this hair care product website

This website is a variable one, the users can filter by product category and there is a drop-down menu on the shopping page itself comparing size and price. We used the best payment gateway so that customers do not face any payment-related issues. PayPal is extremely secure. The shipping integration is UPS. We ensured that the website conformed to SEO rules because ranking plays a major role.

Total time needed to the website launch

We completed this project before time, yes we asked the client for a total 3 months time but the work went so smooth that we were able to complete it within two and a half months. The client was impressed by seeing the final product and the efforts we made. We also offered him website maintenance service.


Hair care or skin care or the beauty industry would see the best days in future and online shopping would be a thing of priority. Hair care is not a luxury, it’s a necessity and therefore a lot of people spend time browsing the best hair care products within their budget. Offering hair care products with excellent reviews is something customers highly prefer. Having a secure and functional website selling personal care products is a lucrative business these days.