Event management is considered as a sunrise industry, its gradually booming. These days there is no dearth of events and adding glamour to everything has become a trend. There are weddings, birthday parties, live entertainment shows, meetings, seminars, exhibitions, workshops, corporate events and so many other stuffs. Organizing an event is no joke; only professionals can handle such events in the best way.

Talking about corporate events, it’s playing a vital role in the marketing and communications arena for most companies. Basically, these days event management has become an essential part of marketing plan because companies have already understood the advantages of direct marketing via events. Events are a platform to launch, showcase, advertise and create brand recognition. Events are classified as social, corporate, entertainment, educational and special events.

Event management has taken a new path

This is what our client was trying to explain us that the event management industry has taken a new path. The latest industry trends show that there have been some changes in approaching an event lifecycle. Mobile communication and social media are now becoming our best friends and play an essential role in event lifecycles. The new tools that allow interaction now permit attracting the attention of visitors both offline and online. Event planners are opting for targeted event promotion, allowing personalization and gathering new schedule for engagement. Our team tried to understand the trends and work accordingly.

Why an event management company needs a website?

Event management is very much dependent on client base and running an event company needs quite an amount of capital. Your business would not run well if you don’t get clients. For event planners, networking is extremely important as it helps your business to grow in two ways. Your old clients could refer other people, new people could see your website and take interest and you can network with caters, hotels so that they give you a chance to plan events. If you have a website you could also get active on social media to attract more people. These days clients are mainly interested in viewing the website first.

A look at the business requirements

This event management company asked us to design their website using parallax effects. Here are some of the features they wanted the website to :

  • A proper reservation system so that clients could view the available dates as well as the booked dates for the events.
  • To add a secure payment gateway that would have payment via card or bank transfer.

Project estimate and finalizing

Our client definitely had a budget and we tried to consider all his requirements and assured him that we would be doing the website definitely within his budget. But, we also told him that the budget could exceed to a certain amount for integrating few features and he agreed to it and the deal was finalized. He paid us an amount in advance and we started working on it.

How we developed the project?

The client instructed to start from the scratch and he expected that this website would give him leads and profits. Our team followed all necessary processes to ensure the 15 pages WordPress website would be useful. The team comprised of:

  • One very talented business analyst
  • Two expert web developers
  • One talented designer
  • Two diligent testers

Timeline and website launch

We took two months to design and develop the website, we did have to do some changes according to the client but we did not exceed the deadline. Our event management client could launch the website on time.

Final words

If you have a website, you would be able to spread the news and grow your event management business and this industry is currently doing very well. Technology in event management may be used in many ways and the future of it is gradually getting mobile.