Business Requirement:

The present world is highly dependent on the Internet and its services. Therefore, this present world is technically referred to as the digital world. Here, from employment to marketing of any organization everything is done through the Internet. It has made the world smaller than before, as everything is fast and near to us with a single click. Following the increasing importance of digitalization of everything, all the profitable and non-profitable organizations have become highly conscious about the prominence of their online presence. Considering this demand of the present time, we received a request from one of our eminent clients, who possess a chemical company and want to develop his website with the help of us. The targets of the website would be interactive and would help the customers to explore the products and quality of their services with immense questions in their minds. In short, the website would be an epitome of their business objectives and past successes that would be showcased and the gateway to enter the future success as well.

Why does a chemical company find it important to have an updated website?

By this time, all the organizations have understood the dire necessity to present their service and product to customers through the Internet. In this matter, the website is the main medium that can present all the details of the services, motives, sources and successful projects in this competitive market. The chemical companies produce products, which are supplied to various industries including the labs, colleges, and universities. They need to showcase the relevance of the products to their target clients like any other competitors in their field.

The key demands of the client

As we a team of professional developers, it is our professional rule to discuss and understand the demand of the clients first before taking any move into the project. We did the same and had a thorough discussion on the matter. From that client meeting, we came to the final decision of their demand and those are like the following ones-

  • There would be the diagrams for the chemical works of the products.
  • There would be technical details as well as the case studies of the projects they handled successfully.
  • The website would be developed in principally in two forms. One would be the form in which the users would be able to attach respective documents and in the other form would be the gateway to the payment.
  • All the respective date would be printed in excel sheets. This data would be stored in the admin panel and the old ones would be automatically deleted with the insertion of the new ones.

The project estimation and the finalization of the deal

On discussing the demand of the client, we understood their demands and then came the time to make finalization of the deal. We discussed our company’s policy with them to make them understand the packages and the cost of the technologies we apply in this kind of work. Budget is all-important to anybody. So, we helped them out to select the right package within their budget.

The development history of the website

After finalizing the deal, we started to make an outline to execute the project methodically. We had a team of experts. So, the works are divided among them. Only we figured out our schedules in this project. We used the Drupal technology for the back-end development. The payment gateway integration was with PayPal. We had in the team-

  • Two designers
  • Three developers
  • One business analyst
  • Two quality testers

The time period and the project lunching

As the professional service providers, we launched this project within three months. The project contained a total of 43 pages and we fulfilled the requirements of the client. The website was ready to be used from both the sides by the time of launching.