Image Optimization : A Deep Look into the Importance of Image Optimization to Avail the Best SEO Results

It is always true that the visual effects with photographs are powerful weapons in any text-based article or blogs. Usually, these texts are meant for better knowledge about the subject in public. In that, the insertion of the images makes then entire thing even more effective, both visually and psychologically. It eventually brings success in the showbiz of the websites and online portals.

The necessity of the search engine optimization

This is the time when a great part of the commercial world is dependent on e-commerce. And in the e-commerce business, the main factor is the website and its promotion. The business market is highly competitive and therefore
promotion is required. The optimization tricks are nothing but the endeavors to promote our site among so many other same service providers. SEO is the technology, which is used to penalize the respective website based on the keywords of search on search engine. Blog, articles and the insertion images are the weapons to attract the attention of the customers and probable service seekers. The images play an important role because of its psychological effects due to their eye-catching structures and color schemes.

The impact of the images in public life

In SEO everything is done for the sake of business and better search engine ranking. We always want to keep our website in notice of the target people. All these blog, articles, related stories are the weapons to get along with them and their necessities. These make us their confidant either to solve their problems or to get the services they want.

Now, photographs are important things in this era of showbiz. Therefore, people always keep on sharing the snaps of
their personal, professional and social lives in the social media. Considering the high popularity of the images, they are also incorporated in the SEO business that helps in getting better ranking in the search engines. It automatically influences the attention and interests of the people with its inevitable visual impacts.

The other important aspects of incorporating the images

Though the primary intention of inserting an image is to attract the people’s attention to the article, still it has some other aspects as well. Such as-

a) Explaining the matter
In some of the cases, the images can be the epitome of the main subject matter of the article. That is why; it can attract the readers interested in the matter with an instant glance. In this way, might be a reader can enter into the topic, as he feels interested in the picture at a glance.

b) Growing and holding the interest of the reader
It is an effective weapon to grow interested in the matter in the readers. It is a proven fact that the readers may get bored with the examples and chronic explanation of the matters in any kind of writing. In that situation, the images can hold up the reader’s interests and help to avoid the boredom of the topics.

c) Telling the story in a better way
Sometimes, images don’t even resemble the story directly but take the matter in the higher plane with some symbolical images. It helps the readers to enhance their imagination power and also helps in getting into the topic on a wider scale.

d) Inevitable effects of the color schemes
Usually, the colors define the temperament of any discussion. In that way, the images in grey scale, warm and cool color scheme tell the readers about the temperament of the topic. It turns the matter into the gay, grim or energetic phenomenon with its valuable presence amidst the writing.

Due to all these reasons, the incorporation of the photographs influences the success of the blog and the website to keep up its visibility and popularity in this highly competitive market.

The kinds of images used in this business

Obviously, there are different kinds in the types of images. The types and the usages are various in their incorporations.

a) True photographs of the incidents
True photographs of the incidents are highly essential mainly for the news portals. These photographs are evidence of the occurrence of the incident that proves the authenticity of the sites. Apart from news portals, the true photographs are also essential for proving the real activities of the websites and the associated workers before the respective service seekers and potential customers.

b) Symbolic photographs
The symbolic photographs are used for comparing the condition and the scenes in the image with the actual context of the matter in the blog and articles. In such images, sometimes, models and representatives serve the purposes of creating the scene that resembles the subject matter in the text.

c) Symbolic graphic images
It is quite a popular phenomenon to use created symbolic graphics in the writings to provide a different angle and the sublime thought of the writer. These graphic images are mostly used in the blogs and news with abstract subject matters.

d) Pictures of the persons
Sometimes, it becomes worth to add the pictures of the writer of the blog or the person on whom the article is based. It is essential in the biographical works and in introducing the head authority members of some organization. It gives an identity to the owners and CEOs of the organization, which is necessary for Public Relations.

In this way, the different kinds of pictures and images can be utilized for the respective purposes that truly influence the visibility of the writings, as well as the websites. Thus, people also get to know about the brands and subjects with the vivacity of the images.

The concerned matters for using the images

As all these are a completely professional business, there are some unwritten rules for using the images and photographs successfully and effectively in the websites and online business portals.

The concerned matters are like the following ones-

a) Always use the related image
We should always keep in mind that we can never go beyond the context in the matter of using the images whether in
online businesses of the products or in the blogs and articles with ideology. The image must facilitate the writing or the context of the website so that it can attract true customers or readers.

b) Use the right posture and angle to use some model
If we are using some model in the picture, its posture must be appropriate for the context. For example, suppose, if an article is related to the well being of the teeth, then the model must be smiling or pose in some related postures with a focus on the teeth. That is necessary because the picture must convey the meaning of the article or the object to focus on.

c) The size of the image
The size of the image is the matter to vary from context to context. At the same time, it depends on the designs and structure of the web page as well. Sometimes, we can use the cutouts of some persons related to the context.

d) The use of graphics on the image
In this technological era, we never use the raw image while posting it on some webpage. It is necessary to use graphics and filters on the images to make it attractive to visualize on behalf of the viewers.

e) Using the GIF images
GIF has changed the concept of the image at this time. An image or picture is no longer a still position of the objects and persons, rather they can move in a certain loop. Using this kind of images is proved as quite helpful for web pages, blogs, and articles.

f) The quality of the image
The quality of the image must be high so that it can be clear in any size. The high definition images are mostly used to invoke the picture clarity for the viewers of the site.

g) Add some keynotes under or above the images
There must be some key lines about the image under or above it. It is needed for better clarity of the subject matter and the context of the image.

h) Never load the page with the weight of the picture
We should never use such picture that overloads a web page and make slow to open. Any late in loading the page can
reduce its visibility among the people.

i) Must have a clear idea about using the appropriate format
We should have clear knowledge about the appropriate format of the images. For example, the JEPG images are best for the picture clarity in the webpage, whereas the PNG images should be used if we need background clarity.

We have to be conscious of all these matters to use images for optimization of the website in the search engine ranking. The market research says if the images can be used in proper ways, it can provide a good amount of visibility, popularity of the brand and products. It helps in business marketing a lot that returns a huge amount of revenue each year to the respective commercial organizations.

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