Blogging : How to Start Blogging Using WordPress

For you, blogging can be a method of sharing your thoughts or it can be a technique to generate revenue. Whilst it might seem like creating a blog site in WordPress and issuing fresh content; however, there is much more to it.

With the strong contest on the internet, only a planned and practical tactic to blogging can bring you the outcomes you look for.

In case you are investing your efforts by issuing top-notch content on your blog website, then you may read this guide as well that describes blogging for beginners.

But if you are a beginner and want to know how to blog with WordPress, then don’t miss this post because here I will show you every step that you should take to start blogging using WordPress. And I will do it with some beginner-friendly tips and instruction.

Prepare for a New Blog:

In case you are thinking of starting a blog, then a few questions are there that you should ask yourself first before getting started. Since blogging is a deep and wide subject and can bring you surprising outcomes if pursued in a proper way.

There are some questions that you should ask yourself in order to outline a clear image of what you wish to accomplish. This beginners’ guide would help you by guiding through the most vital stages of starting a blog in WordPress.

1.Research and Evaluate:

  • List out all the striking websites, which you have come across and that inspire you the most
  • A bit of competitive study
  • Decide on the content and name of the main pages of your blog site
  • After that, make a menu structure so that all the vital links are easily accessible
  • Create a detailed list of the elements that you wish to display on your homepage as this helps you in choosing a theme for your blog site

In a nutshell, you need to be familiar with the territory you are going to enter and for that, a bit of homework and knowledge is a must before moving forward. And once you get a clear idea about all the things given here, these are what you need to know right before you start blogging.

2.Selecting a Blog Platform and Building a Blog Site:

Whenever it comes to blogging, there are multiple important choices you should make before getting started. Since maintaining, as well as updating articles/blogs is pretty tough, so you should find a blogging platform, which is easier to use and maintain too.

Multiple self-hosted and free blogging platforms are there you can select from. But I highly suggest using WordPress.

Since it is pretty easy to start blogging with WordPress. Even though you have never made a website before and new to the tech world, but you can still make and maintain your blog using WordPress.

Let you know that WordPress is completely an opensource program, which you can download and use without paying any charge. Additionally, it makes blogging, especially for beginners an easy job.

3.Design and Personalization:

While you choose WordPress as a blogging platform, you have multiple options to select the layout of your site. The best is that there are manifold blogging WordPress themes, which you can buy or can download for free for creating your blog website. Because in case you have the quality content in your site, the design matters a lot.

4.Choose the Best WordPress Theme for your Blogging Site:

  • If you want to do blogging in WordPress seriously, then you require a responsive design first. Your readers need to be capable of reading flawlessly irrespective of the device they use for accessing your site.
  • Pick a design, which focuses mainly on content
  • You should choose such a theme that comes up with enough personalization options in order to make your blogging site look the best.
  • The design should complement the niche of your blog. Create a list of all the specifications you require for your blogging site and consider comparing it with the specifications of your blog template that you have chosen.
  • The design template of your WordPress blog needs to support top-class multimedia elements such as videos and images.
  • In case you are completely new to WordPress, then be certain that the blog theme of your WordPress is easier to use. You must read the reviews or if you need guidance, then contact support.
  • The WordPress blog theme needs to be fast, safe, and SEO-friendly.
  • When it comes to selecting the blog design, concentrate on the template of the blog page. How all your blogs are being presented to the readers is vital.
  • These WordPress themes are quite easier to use, professionally designed, and highly customizable to make blogging easier for beginners. Thus, you can easily create wonderful blogs yourself. No need to appoint experts or spend several hours designing your blogging site.

5.Learn how to Make a WordPress Blog:

Getting WordPress blogs is easier with the available platforms and technologies like WordPress. One can become a pro blogger in no time.

With WordPress, one can easily create, as well manage, one’s blogs since when one runs a blog, then one must have complete control over his/her website. As WordPress was made for blogging purposes, so it comes up with all the facilities and features to help you by creating and managing your blog site. However, there are just a few things,
which you would need creating your blog site on WordPress. Let’s check them out:

  • Domain Name: An exclusive address or name of your blogging site for identifying it on the World Wide Web.
  • Hosting Space: Apart from the domain name, rented server space is needed for hosting your site.
  • WordPress Theme: To create your site you need a ready-to-use template. Abundant designs with various designs are there to choose from. One can either download a free blog theme or select a premium theme.

In case you want to increase the usability of your blog, then you can consider using blog tools and WordPress plugins. Though they are completely optional.

With these, you are all set to start your blogging site. There are 5 steps for getting started with WordPress blog:

  • Select a Domain Name and Get Hosting: Based on your needs, you should select the domain name. For hosting space, don’t forget to subscribe to a trustworthy host.
  • Install WordPress: Well, this step would be removed with some advanced hosting, which comes up with WordPress installed.
  • Select a WordPress Theme, Download/Purchase and Install: It takes a few minutes to install WordPress theme on your setup.
  • Tailor your WordPress Site According to your Needs: You can now change the default settings of the WordPress theme in order to suit your blog’s needs.

6.Promoting and Maintaining your Blog on WordPress:

You should make consistent efforts for promoting your blogs and bringing it to your readers’ notice. And this can only be done by promoting your blogs in a proper way.

Additionally, you should focus on the search friendliness of your blogging site. Not to mention, SEO is the most vital part of website building. It hardly matters how much money you invest in direct references and paid advertising. You require some organic traffic all the time and this is the reason why Search Engine Optimization is important.

SEO facts that you need to know even before you start blogging:

  • Select an SEO friendly theme along with an SEO optimized code
  • Make use of SEO plugins to make sure that the pages and content are optimized well enough
  • Optimize your site’s title and subtitles
  • Use editors and external tools to augment the readability of your blogging site
  • Pay close attention to the SEO basics: optimized images, keywords, titles, etc.

Where Search Engine Optimization helps you in attracting organic traffic to your blogging site, other ways are there using which you can easily bring traffic to your website. They work really well for a multipurpose blog or nearly any blog niche.

A Few Tips for a Successful Blog:

  • Do your Homework Before Each Blog: Asides unique and fresh data, be sure you offer your users the refined, latest information.
  • Consistency is Key: Keep posting new blogs regularly because consistency is what matters a lot.
  • Listen to your Readers: The readers of your site should be paid for their trustworthiness. Don’t reply to their comments only but consider any request/advice they make.
  • Quality Matters: You need to keep in head that it is ultimately quality, not the number of blogs, which matter. Hence, whatever you write, be certain that it is easy to understand, comprehensive, and offers value to the readers.
  • Pick Topic Smartly: Don’t forget to pick your topic in a smart way. Your topic matters the most than how you actually write.

Final Words:

So, these are the blogging basics, which can help you in getting started with your site. Even if starting a blog might look a bit tough, you need to keep in head that it gets easier when you get started.

Blogging, especially for beginners is more than getting a blogging site online in 2019. With the millions of blog sites and cut-throat contest online, you need to concentrate on maintenance, promotions, etc.

But there is absolutely no need to get overwhelmed or speechless with all the efforts that it takes. Remember one thing, it would be all worth it when your blogging site will start to gain enough traction.

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