Directly and Indirectly Associated Factors to Finalize How Much to Make an App

There is a frequently asked question to any app development company, that is- “how much it takes to make an app?” Actually, there is no definite answer against this question. As there is no fixed price of a cloth, you can take a designer one or you can also buy simple cotton one from a nearby shop, the matter with the app is also the same. The cost of any such applications depends on its features and associated factors and also upon its abilities and up gradation provisions.

Here, we are going discuss the associated factors with an app development that make a direct and indirect impact on its cost.

1. The concept of the apps and its development

The present era is tech-savvy by nature. Here almost every matter has somehow associated with some technology. Therefore, we people have become more and more habituated to lead smart lives with computers, laptops, palmtops, mobiles, apps etc. Nowadays from the trial matters of playing mobile or computer games to the serious matters of banking and fund transfers, everything is being done through the apps. Before going deep into the matter, we should once have a discussion about the concept of the apps.

So, what are the apps? And why they are invented?

The apps are the abbreviated form of the term ‘application’. Though application has a different meaning in the common English language, technically it refers to the software with some particular purposes. It may be offline or online, there would be some purpose in every application. Actually, they are the gateway to get direct entrance to some websites without the help of a browser and a search engine. For example, if you intend to go to a particular bank’s website for the purpose of fund transfer, then you can use the app of that particular bank instead of searching the website in the browser. You can directly enter into your account with the help of the app. It saves your time and endeavor and helps you to execute the intended the work in a short time. This is the reason why the tech-savvy generations have become more and more fond of using these applications for different purposes.

2. The associated factors with the costing of the apps

The costing of the apps is determined based on its technology, features, and facilities associated with them.

– The features and the components

Among the features and components first, come the basic technology and the target of the app whether the app is only for the computer or for both computer and mobile. The cost of the product depends on the features applied in that.

  • It determines the performances of the app like the main job and signing up a profile, maintaining individual profiles of each user, the features of social media integrations like- liking, and sharing in the social media etc.
  • The features also assign the feature whether the app would have any payment gateway like PayPal, Paytm and payments via credits and debit cards to store the funds to a particular payment account.
  • The feature encompasses the other technological provisions like live chat or lives customer support via Internet based on the IP addresses.
  • They may also include the advanced applications of the technologies like getting the location of the users, detecting the map etc. adds extra value to the software.
  • Along with all these, if there were any low energy Bluetooth, a camera that should be connected with the webcam of the users, has to be added, then some advanced technologies would be applied to it.All these features and components and some other added attribute would be counted to fix the final price of the app. Usually, the basic level of any application is charged around $ 25,000. In that, the added facilities may vary any amount from $50,000 to $70,000.

– The visual effects of the applications

The visual effects of any interface are highly important because primarily this feature really matters in the popularity of the app. Besides having visual effects, its interface must be user- friendly so that any type of users can deal with the provisions in the technique. In this interface, the visual effects work as the added facilities. They are meant to enchant the users with their presence. In brief, they state about the excellence and knowledge of the developers on the technology. So, how much effect you add in the techniques, the cost would automatically vary with it. Some visual effects are complimentary along with the basic packages. The other extra ones have different prices ranges based on different packages.

– The platforms used for the applications

Each technology is established on certain platforms like IOS, Android etc. That means the app would be compatible with any of these Operating Systems. Therefore, each app mentions the platform compatibility. The iPhone Operating System has the different and comparatively higher price range as they are strictly meant for the costly mobile phones and laptop. On the other hand, most of the mobile companies use Android as their Operating System. Therefore, its cost range is comparatively low than the prior.

– The back end technology

As the present digital market is highly competitive, therefore, most of the times, users intend to track the user activities into the websites as well as in the apps. The back end technologies or APIs are connected to track these activities. This backend technology provides the data from the database to the mentors of the apps. Thus, they may have access to the activities of the users and can offer more facilities likewise. Obviously having such technologies applied to the apps increases its applicability as well as increases the prices also as the product.

3.The remuneration expenses on the employees

Till now, we have discussed the costs of the technologies, which would be applied on the apps. But apart from applying technologies and visual effects, there are so many things that add value to the final cost of the products. Those are the remuneration of the entire project. Applying technologies are not enough if there is no effort on behalf of the developers. Here are the points that include the manual part of this development-

  • The planning of the project
  • Obviously, only the professionals are meant to handle such projects. Now, planning is utterly necessary to execute the project step by step. Once a company gets such a project, at first, they sketch an outline of the total plan of the projects and start working accordingly. The planners mostly belong from the management levels. They can handle the associations and executing parts profoundly.
  • The designing section
  • After the outline sketch of the planning, the graphic designers are assigned to their work. Their works are to prepare some attractive interfaces for the app. Among some of the models, the team and the customers select one and customize that according to the requirement and the convenience. In this part, the designers should also have some technical knowledge along with the sense of visualization. This knowledge helps them to prepare convenient designs for the developers.
  • The development of the apps
  • Once the entire interface is finalized and ready, then the team of the developers comes to their role. Usually, different developers execute different responsibilities in the way of development of an app. Following this method make it easy to achieve the goal within the minimum possible time. Therefore, it is also necessary to employ a good number of developers to execute the project swiftly but smartly. The remuneration of all these employees indirectly affects the cost of the products.
  • Testing of the applicability
  • Only developing an app is not enough for a professional company to launch it in the web world. It needs high-quality testing so that it can be proved as user-friendly and hassle-free one that the users would like. Therefore, after the development of the app, it should be tested from all the aspects. If it can pass the demo tests of the testers then they are handed over to the customers like their products. After the approval from them, an app is prepared to be launch on the Internet for its users.

      Now, it is quite clear from this discussion that there are so many factors associated with programming of an app, other than only technology. The development companies have to apply the technology with high-end procedures; along with that they also need the hands of various professionals like management personnel to handle the client and to manage the team in order, graphic designers, a big of the developers endowed with various and upgraded knowledge of technologies and the team of the testers, marketing personnel etc. They all have their contribution in the final result, which is the app. So, the remunerations of the employees, who develop the app in a specialized manner, also have some impact on the final prices of the making cost of an app. The range expenses on the employees solely depend on the level of the particular company and the skills of their employees. The same happens with their products as well.


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