Brand Awareness : Top 19 Tips and Tricks to Enhance your Brand Awareness on Social Media

Brand awareness is one of the most crucial aspects of marketing operations, at least at the initial stage. Introducing potential consumers to a service or product in the right manner matters a lot since simply as it with meeting new individuals – with brand awareness – always the first impression counts. The degree to which a service or product is known lies in its brand awareness that can make or break the profitability of the brand.

Why Build a Brand?

Think of a car. A shoe. A health drinks. In all prospect, certain brand names generally came to your mind for each item, right? Brand identity always leaves a long-lasting impression in the consumers’ minds. Developing effective brand awareness maximizes the likelihoods that while a consumer thinks of a health drink, they would think of your brand of shoes. Or health drinks. Or whatever product you are actually in the business of selling. Developing a brand is an ongoing and multi-faceted activity, which could be important to the success of your company.

Ways of Maximizing Brand Awareness:

So, how come you get your brand to the fore of those millions of consumers? How do you actually have the attention of those hundreds or thousands of potential consumers loitering around social media platforms? Well, here I will be going to offer a detailed list of tips and tricks, which would help you in increasing your brand awareness through social media. Let’s check them out:

1. Try Using Visual Content for Increasing Brand Awareness:

You must familiar with the fact that visual content is more appealing to regular social media users. Create your very own images or graphics and share them on social media platforms. People show their interest in sharing something on their own social networks, which is visually charming than a post with simple text only.

2. Build an Exclusive Persona and Voice:

On social media platforms, you are communicating with humans. Therefore, talk and sound like one. Allow your persona to come out spontaneously and develop the voice and tone of all your posts for reflecting that. Generally, people are more likely to connect while the conversation looks and feels casual. In addition, if you are beyond charismatic, then your persona would definitely help you in gaining followers.

3. Follow Renowned Influencers:

It’s a great idea to find popular industry influencers and track them. Always listen carefully to what they are actually talking about. Try engaging with them through social media and take each and every opportunity that you get to communicate with their followers through answers to questions, comments, etc.

4. Use Different Attitude on Different Platforms:

When you are on Twitter, you could be more playful than you are on LinkedIn. While Facebook calls for an individual tone. Specific kinds of people make use of different social media platforms and for different motives. For instance, LinkedIn being a professional site is pretty much serious. While you can allow your humor to come out on any other platforms.

5. Share Good Quality Content:

Remember, killer and engaging content always speaks for itself. In case you create a brand-new content, you would, of course, want to post it in all your social networking channels, right? However, in case the content fails to offer value or resolve an issue with some kind for your audience, it would never be shared at all. Share typically relies on great content. Without invaluable content, your posts would be considered as the trash of the cyberspace.

6. Never Ever Share the Same Content Across All Social Media Channels:

While you intend to post the same content or any other information across your all social media platforms, never dare to post the same content on every single site. Make sure to share an exclusive message with some valuable information.

7. Make Use of Quora:

While developing a social media policy, many growing and small business ignore the potential of Quora. But answering queries on Quora could be a good method to maximize brand awareness and even drive traffic to your site when you could close a deal, as well as convert leads into consumers. However, be certain to be subtle and not too salesy – people would easily understand such tricks and you may have your account suspended.

8. Consistent Branding across All Platforms and your Site:

Don’t forget to form a branding style and just stick to it. Describe colors that your organization uses for its branding. Don’t use different logos – select one and use it all the time. Make sure your branding is consistent enough across all social media channels and your blog and website. Consistency aids people more easily identify you and maximize brand awareness.

9. Blogging:

In case you don’t have a blog segment, then start one at the earliest. Create posts, which help in solving common issues and educate the audience on developing trends and things, which would make their lives a lot easier. Do share those posts on all your channels. As mentioned earlier, the post would get a share if the quality of the content is high.

10. Hold contests:

It could be any kind of contest. Get creative enough. Share the rules of the contest on social media channels and let the contest start. Everyone loves competing and would share the post of your contest with other people, intensifying your brand’s reach and maximizing brand awareness.

11. Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags:

Don’t forget to use hashtags. Use them liberally and freely. They put all your posts in front of different audiences and could expand your brand’s reach vastly on social media platforms. Did I mention you need to use hashtags?

12. Infographics:

These days, people just love infographics. You must know that they do well, especially on social media. In case you can design your very own branded infographics, then that is deal. And in case not, you can easily share others; however, you have to tag the actual source. People are most likely to share it as long as it delivers insightful or helpful information.

13. Join Groups:

LinkedIn and Facebook have some groups, which revolve around specific topics. Consider joining them and interacting with members; however, making it so obvious that you want to sell them products or services. The interaction would leave your brand’ impact on the mind of group members. You would develop a presence there, people would start following you, thus, brand awareness would develop.

14. Make and Post Short Videos:

You’ll be amazed to know that videos are another kind of content, which works well on social media platforms. Possibly better than infographics. Create animated short clips, short product demonstrations, how-to-videos that would explain your services or products, etc. But make sure that they are certainly not boring hence get creative. People prefer sharing videos; hence video creation would maximize your brand awareness significantly.

15. Don’t be Afraid of Sharing the Content of your Competitors:

Many people shy away from posting their competitors’ content. However, doing so could showcase self-confidence and make you someone who has a positive presence mainly on social media platforms rather than one who disrespects their competitors. In case they create a specifically good piece of content, post it without reluctance. Your followers would appreciate your effort more than they would concentrate on the fact that the content is from your contender.

16. Ask Questions for Starting a Conversation:

Social media is nothing but the ultimate venue for dialogue and engagement. Post questions to the followers to begin a debate or conversation on particular topics. It is a great method to engage all of your audience. And in case the topic is more than engaging, then you would even have non-followers striking in who would be most likely to follow you.

17. Stay Away from Religion and Politics:

This must go without saying, stay away from religion and politics on social media platforms – unless you deal with an industry, which revolves around two. 72% of buyers generally find it irritating while brands engage in religion or politics, especially on social media.

18. Don’t Afraid of Bringing in a Sense of Humor:

Since you create your social persona, don’t be afraid of being funny. Not to mention, having a sense of humor is better than being boring and dry. In addition, as per Sprout Social, the majority number of customers value a sense of humor from brands.

19. Take Feedback too Seriously and Use it to Develop an Effective Strategy:

Pay attention to the likes, shares, comments, etc. which your posts generally experience. You can even get a load of insight about your followers’ interests by measuring, as well as learning from all those metrics. Then, you can easily make use of the insight gained in order to develop a tactic for the future.

Final Words:

Maximizing brand awareness is important to growth. With these simple yet effective steps, you can easily grow your brand awareness on social media channels. Follow the tips and you would be on your way to increase brand awareness that leads to company growth and revenue.

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