A school is the first step to the education. As you know, we are in the era of digitalization and therefore, love to analyze everything online from anywhere in this world. One of the most common reasons is our pact schedule in the work and much pressure of the career. So, whenever you have to take a decision for the schooling of the dear ones, you must watch the website of the school to learn about its activities, strategies, plans and the saga of success.

The authority of the school is quite aware of this fact. Therefore, we got a request from one of our esteemed clients to program a website for them that would possess some helping features. No doubt the features would be helpful for both sides. The school authority would be able to present their noble thoughts and sincerity and on the other hand, the parents would be able to analyze their requirements and come to a decision regarding this matter.

The Requirements from the Client:

It is our professional rule to discuss and understand the dire requirements of the clients clearly and then plan the interface design for the respective project. So, here the requirements were-

    • Programming of a calendar that would show the list of the upcoming events and celebrations in the school.
    • There would be an e-notice board containing the important notices from the school and a field for the latest news updates about the school, its classes, the exam schedules and so on.
    • There would be web page allotments for the class, activities, syllabus and all other course details for each standard.
    • As the safety of the children is one of the biggest concerns of the parents in the matter of school selection, there would be a section in the website that would show the concerns of the management regarding the kid’s safety.
    • Integration of the different websites and reference links that would help the students in their studies, projects, and assignments on the basis of their standards.

Making of the Estimation and Finalizing the Deal

Making of the estimate is essential before finalizing any deal. In discussing the requirements, we also assisted him to select the right package for his requirements because the budget is a vital matter in any business. Based on his package, the client had to select the design of the background, its tabs, color schemes etc. It marked the finalization of the deal.

The Development of the Website

After discussing the requirements, we planned the development of the website with the expert team members about its development. The team contains-

      • An expert business analyst
      • Two web designers
      • Three programmers
      • Two experts to test the quality of the website

    They planned its interfaces as per the client’s requirements only. It is developed with multiple facilities and user-friendly interfaces. There are some fields in the sites, which are interactive and few are links, which would direct the users to the required sites, information and fields. The total 54 numbers of pages are designed for this project. In the matter of technology, the designs were made in the web designing software and core PHP is used to place it on the World Wide Web.

The Timeline and Launching

As a professional team, we usually take the timeline for two months. Within these two months, the website becomes ready for the launch and being used by the visitors and the authority. The team is quite efficient and skilled to prepare the project ready to launch within the given timeline.