Time has great value in any kind of work, whether you do a business or you lead and rule and country. Therefore, the governmental sectors have also come under the shelter of technology to save their time for the actual administrative
works. The government has different web portals for selecting candidates for various roles in the service. These web portals provide the information as well as the technical links to apply for the required posts. Following such a requirement, we received a request from one of our esteemed representative of the government to develop a web portal, which would help the applicants as well as the selectors for the procedures.

Why does the government need a selection web portal?

Government is such a non-profitable organization, which is the main body behind every deal in a country. Therefore, it
requires right candidate in the right post to execute the duties to maintain law and order in all over the country.
Therefore, the selection should be proper and correct. The primary filtration should be applied at the time of placing the application only.

Why actually does the government require an up to date web portal?

The governmental body should select the right candidate with considering the respective conditions and qualifications
for that post. This selection must be justified and effortless in this age of technology. Therefore, the key demand of the client representative from us was like the following ones-

  • The portal must contain the conditions of the qualifications in its selection field.

The field should be able to filter only the eligible candidate’s application in the portal, as per the fixed condition.

  • There would be three steps in the application and selection procedure, like-
    Step 1: The applications should be accepted according to the candidates of the enlisted cities.
    Step 2: The eligible candidates from the step one should automatically create a list of the selected candidates in
    the second step. Apart from that in this stage, there would be three or more than three selectors to select each
    Step 3: This final step would be the final selection round that would be finalized by the owner.

After that the finally the sort listed candidates will get notification from the portal. In addition to this, there would be another feature. The feature is that the finalized candidates can accept or reject the call.

  • The candidates, who would accept the offer, they have to be able to submit or upload the required documents in the portal.

The estimation and the finalization of the deal

It is always important to finalize the package and the final expense. As the budget is a vital concern, it is blissful for both the sides to be clear about the expenses. First of all, we took our time to understand the key demands of the client to offer the appropriate package for their purposes. After understanding the requirement, we suggested the appropriate packages to them and also helped them out to select the right one within their budget.

The development history of the website

Once the deal is finalized, we didn’t waste a single moment to plan the project. We are the team of professionals with allthe divisions in the responsibilities. We fixed our schedules for the project based on our roles. We applied the Drupal
technology for constructing the site with 132 pages. The team consists of-

  • A project manager
  • Two designers
  • One quality tester
  • Three developers

The completion and the project launch

The portal consists of total 132 pages with quite difficult technological applications in it. We took around three and a half months to complete it on the whole and to make it prepared for the final launch to be used for the purposes.